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Chef Cameron Classical French cuisine

Phil Cameron

Chef personnel

Where It All Began

Chef Phil is born and raised in the Ottawa capital area where he graduated at the French College, “La Cité” in Culinary Management.

Phil is currently the Chef owner of Chef Phil Cameron, “A fine dinning experience in the comfort of your home” serving custom 3-8 course meals in customers homes, catering intimate weddings and catering canapés events.

Before starting his catering company, Chef Phil represented Canada as the sous chef at the Canadian pavilion at the 2020 world expos in Dubai.

Prior to Dubai, Phil was the Chef at the German embassy, past team Member on Culinary Team Canada, worked at the Parliamentary restaurant on parliament hill and other establishments like the Chateau Laurier.

Chef Phil continues to do community work as the Chairman of the Ottawa Culinary Federation and volunteers at Food For Thought where they help feed people with food insecurities.

He has also cooked internationally in Berlin, Barcelona and Mexico and continues to study his passion for food around the world.

Sous les feux de la rampe

Prix et reconnaissance

Le chef Phil est fier d'avoir fait partie de l'équipe culinaire du Canada aux Jeux olympiques de 2020 et de 2024.
Olympiades culinaires et a remporté la première place aux "Espoirs" 2019.
Culinaires de la Région de la capital national » (Ottawa cooking
). Le chef Phil a fièrement représenté le Canada dans la cuisine du pavillon canadien à l'exposition universelle de Dubaï en 2020. Il a également remporté
le défi "Duck you're it" du canard King Cole à deux reprises et a remporté le concours Faces
Prix du meilleur chef de l'année décerné par le magazine en 2020.

Ce que nous offrons

Menus frais personnalisés

Des menus qui changent selon les saisons.

Ingrédients frais

Ingrédients d'origine locale.

Repas savoureux

Repas préparés fraîchement dans notre cuisine certifiée.


Ce que disent les gens

“An amazing dinner that I will never forget”

“I always look forward to our next visit to Ottawa to continue enjoying these amazing dishes.”

…Brent Barron

“Phil keeps amazing me with exquisite Hors D’oeuvres”

“I’ve had the privilege to be served by one of the best chefs I know countless times. The best foods will always be presented by a chef who loves what they do.

…Nic Steski

“ The best one ever”

” You made us a buche de Noel, over the holidays it was the best one ever.”

…Pierre Carré

Heures d'ouverture

6:00am – 11:00pm